Lost End Found

We recently partnered with the unconventional thinkers from Pro Patrimonio Foundation and The Romanian Architects Order, during the development of our forthcoming album, Lost End Found.
Musicians & architects, working together, trying to save, preserve & restore the architectural and cultural heritage of Romania.
Our common purpose is to bring to your attention that several amazing romanian architectural & cultural treasures are about to be lost forever, due to political greed, lack of transparency in public administration and social irresponsibility.
An urgent rescue operation is required and it is possible, using anger as a gift, and we have the right examples to prove it.
Some of these traces were
lost, waiting for an end, but with the help & enthusiasm of beautiful, inspiring people, they were saved & restored, ready to be found by future generations.
The Mincu House (Bucharest ) or The Water Plant (Suceava) are some of our Lost End Found examples.
Restored and developed as state of the art public spaces, for the benefit of their community.
Unfortunately, for many other romanian architectural & cultural treasures, like The Mathache Market Hall or The Assan's Mill, there was no happy ending, and today we can only confirm a great loss to our architectural and cultural heritage.
But not everything is lost.
With your help, there could be hope for the beautiful Synagogue / Timisoara, The Casino /Constanta or The Continental Hotel /Cluj.
And for many other priceless romanian architectural treasures, waiting to share their beautiful stories with our future generations.
You are welcome to join Pro Patrimonio Foundation's efforts, your past deserves your consideration.

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About Pro Patrimonio

The Pro Patrimonio Foundation is an international non-profit organization with branches in Romania, UK, France and the United States, established in 2000.
The Foundation’s goals are to save, preserve and restore the architectural and cultural heritage of Romania.

We lobby for the protection of Romania’s cultural heritage, aiming to teach the people to appreciate the value of it, and to provide support for the restoration and re-use of historic buildings. We try to connect them into a cultural and economic network, respecting traditional craftsmanship and appropriate construction techniques.

In this bright future you can't forget your past.
Bob Marley
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