Let's keep our story short & simple, so we can both focus on the next step.
We began our journey ten years ago, one day in the spring of 2003. It pretty much resembles a road-novel. Between destinations and among thousands of miles, we took the time to throw unique live performances, compose and record for the three albums released until now. A new album is about to join your playlist soon.

December 2004 – Nomad Rhymes
October 2005 – Anger as a Gift
December 2007 – Trend Off
Coming soon - Lost End Found

During our journey, we were happy to share hundreds of live performances in Romania, Hungary, France, Germany, UK and Switzerland and we were invited to various national and international festivals.
We are interested in good music and decent people, most of the times served together, with red wine or fresh coffee, depending on the weather.
If you would like to know more about our journey, check out this page during the next couple days, we will share a little animated story, based on our ten years journey.
Meanwhile, enjoy the new spring, thank you for your support.