the main reason to be on stage

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
Andy Warhol
Our journey is not just about music. It never was. From the first track, concert or studio album we did our best to complete ourselves, to make everyday count. Our constant refuse to accept compromises, our decision to create, play & share our music independently for the last ten years, with no strings attached to the ''music industry'' are simple consequences of our heartwork. In studio, on the stage or even behind our drawing boards, preparing our artwork, we always tried to give the best of us, to complete our journey, to keep our mind always focused on our rhymes & reasons. Thinking constantly at your constant support, trying to be inspired and to inspire people around to share their human decency. Our journey was well rewarded, more than words can say. We met beautiful, inspiring people, working hard to change this world in a better place. In the end, we're all sharing the same ride. If you feel you're not from this world and you need one dream where you could belong, you can join this ride too. Exploring on your own is a beautiful thing, but sharing your ride is even better.

to share rhymes collected off stage